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Centre Medical Cannabis Consultants


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About Us

Centre Medical Cannabis Consultants provides Quebec Medical Cannabis Evaluations

At the core of Centre Medical Cannabis Consultants is the belief that every person deserves to have options when it comes to their health. The goal of their cannabis doctors is to help patients who could benefit from the medical properties of marijuana get access to the treatments they need. Due to the limited resources and physicians qualified to prescribe medicinal cannabis in Quebec, finding a cannabis doctor can be tricky. But thanks to their network of doctors throughout Canada Centre Medical Cannabis Consultants make it easy for Quebec patients to book appointments, learn about medical marijuana, and receive their prescription. Centre Medical Cannabis Consultants provides an opportunity for Quebec patients to ask questions and get the information needed to make educated health decisions.

Medical cannabis is useful for treating a wide range of medical conditions and the staff of Centre Medical Cannabis Consultants is eager to help. Quebec residents combating a medical condition and interested in getting a medical cannabis prescription can begin by visiting the Centre Medical Cannabis Consultants website at cmc-qc.ca. Navigate to the “Doctors” page of their site and download the referral, which will need to be completed by your primary care physician. Once your primary doctor has completed the referral, fax or bring it to the Centre Medical Cannabis Consultants office. Patients also have the option to schedule an appointment at their office to be evaluated by one of their nurses free of charge. After the evaluation or referral drop off, Centre Medical Cannabis Consultants will schedule an appointment with one of their physicians. Once the medical cannabis prescription is received, a member of their consulting team will help you find licensed producers, guide strain selection, and provide advice on cannabis cultivation. Prescriptions last for one year and are renewable upon expiration.

Service Locations
Centre Medical Cannabis Consultants is pleased to offer their medical marijuana services to patients in need throughout Quebec. Those in Old Quebec, Chutes-Montmorency, and Saint-Roch are welcomed to seek relief through medical cannabis. Patients in need of holistic treatments in Sainte-Foy-Sillery-Cap-Rouge, Sillery, and Saint-Emile are welcomed to connect with one of CMCC’s nurses and cannabis physicians. Those in Lebourgneuf, Saint-Sacrament, and Montcalm in need of medical cannabis treatments can get their prescription from this evaluation center. Their compassionate cannabis doctors are happy to help those in Neufchatel, Montchatel, and Beauport-Limoilou.

Location Information
Quebec resides along the banks of the Saint Lawrence River in the mostly French-speaking province. The city has a fortified colonial core, Vieux-Quebec and Place Royale, which feature stone buildings and narrow streets. That area is home to Chateau Frontenac Hotel and Citadelle of Quebec. Check out Quebec’s bistros and boutiques which line the streets of the Petit Champlain district.